George Burns will defend our God-given rights….

To practice our Christian faith, defend our families, stand for our country and protect our water.

He will work for our jobs, roads, and our rural schools.

George’s Story

George’s story is about hard work and integrity, and how he succeeded in business after starting as a journeyman electrician. George rose through the ranks to be part owner of a leading electrical engineering and construction firm. He is also a Master Electrician, holding an Oklahoma electrical contractor’s license.

Stopping Corruption, Finding Success

In 2015, George was elected president of a local electric cooperative. He fought to root out corruption, and help transform the co-op from a mismanaged mess to success.

Faith, Family, and Southeastern Oklahoma

George is a graduate of Haworth High School and OSU Institute of Technology. He’s a long-time member of Lukfata Baptist Church. George and his wife Patty, a veteran school teacher, have been happily married for 38 years. The couple have four adult children and eight grandchildren, who they see every chance they get.

George Burns will get the job done for southeastern Oklahoma, just like Donald Trump did for America!

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